Growth Masterclass for Solopreneurs

This brand new 5-session workshop will give you the fire and passion that you need to get out of your rut and start serving more people than you could have ever imagined. We'll cover:

  • Branding & Brand stories
  • Marketing messages
  • Value propositions & headlines
  • The Value ladder
  • Building high-converting offers
  • Conversion optimization and lead generation 
  • Personas and empathy mapping
  • Customer journeys
  • Value-based Content strategies
  • Blogging, emails and funnels
  • Tech stacks and strategies
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    Hey, it's Jen Bailey! I have a surprise for you...

    I'm literally sitting here in pajamas, finishing up my 3-day work week, and getting ready to celebrate night 4 of Hannukah!

    But I had something so important and exciting to share with you, it can't wait...

    I'm calling it "CTRL+Clarity." It's the mastermind workshop that you've been needing, designed with your business specifically in mind. It covers all of the most important and effective marketing methods that we've talked about...

    Including the value ladder, content strategies, copywriting formulas, brand stories and so much more.

    Full-stack digital marketers like me charge upwards of $10,000 to do this work for you. That's why I am so excited that for the first time, I am offering you all the tools and coaching you need in this 5-step masterclass.

    1. Identify your problem areas
    2. Determine your customer’s values, pain points and map out their journey.
    3. Clarify your message and create marketing that actually works.
    4. Learn to convert leads through the right offers at the right time.
    5. Create a masterful content plan that builds everlasting relationships with the people you want to serve

    Are you done being "comfortably uncomfortable"?

    If you’re like me, you’ve been running your business on empty for too long.

    You have a lot to be proud of, you've accomplished so much, and the best part is… you've been able to help SO many people already.

    But it’s not enough, is it? You’ve only peaked the surface of what you can do, and it’s only the tip of the ice burg for the sheer number of people you can help.

    👉 You can’t do it alone. Stop working in an endless cycle, a sea of sameness that never leads to real results.

    Sure, you see a new customer here and there, but nothing sustainable. How are you ever going to get ahead and stop living from one new client to another? 

    Trust me, I’ve been there… it's called being “comfortably uncomfortable." Maybe you are doing just fine like you are, but how well can you really be doing if you aren't getting ahead?

    If you’ve spoken to me recently, knowing you need to make some changes in your marketing, but your response is “well, things are tight,” then I really need to tell you... something in your business is wrong. 

    👉 But how do you know what’s wrong without hiring a “conversion expert” or retaining a coaching firm for $10,000? 

    👉 You may be interviewing marketing firms or web designers because you think you know what you need. OR, bidding out a marketing project to firms who are just going to contradict each other, giving you completely different answers and price points. This isn't the way!!

    👉 You may not realize it, but by doing nothing and trying to figure it out on your own you are costing yourself thousands of dollars already. Every day that you wait you are going to lose more and more sales. 

    👉 The good news is that you can identify the problems, learn simple and effective solutions, and get ahead in your business with just 5 simple steps.

    The formulas, methods, and tools in this masterclass weren't formed overnight.

    After years of studying, taking the advice of highly successful, 7-figure business owners, and putting all of the concepts into practice, I have been able to refine a 5-step method of achieving clarity and direction that truly works. 

    You might be thinking, "It can't work for my business." Or, "My industry is unique." But the fact is, that these methods have been proven for every business type and every industry. So, if you are in business for yourself, or maybe you have a small team, or even if you are a brand new startup, this masterclass is for you!

    Not only will you be able to implement these easily, but they will have lasting results for years to come. And I will be there to help you every step of the way!

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      Expand your business & reach more people. You can fix your sales holes, achieve marketing clarity and maximize your product offerings in five weeks or less by following a few easy steps.

      Session 1: Strengths grader.

      Name your problem areas and identify what you are doing wrong. Create a strengths grader that identifies where you need the most growth. Easily monitor your progress with this customizable tool, built specifically with you and your business in mind.

      Session 2: Audience calibration.  

      Identify and understand your audience like never before. Define your perfect customer and weed out those you can't help. Determine your customer’s values, pain points and map out their journey. Refer back to your audience calibrator tool so you can effortlessly create marketing that is meaningful to the people you really want to help.

      Session 3: Brand stack.

      Clarify your message! Starting with a blank canvas, file away all of your pre-existing ideas, and we will create the most powerful value proposition you’ve ever had, allowing you to lead with clarity into marketing and messaging that will actually work for your audience. You will create everything you need to execute powerful headlines, web pages, social posts, emails and so much more.

      Session 4: Profit playbook.

      The profit playbook combines offer building with marketing and sales techniques to sell more while building a sustainable business. This is the golden egg of marketing from your small introductory offers, to your core products and services. You will be able to implement a value ladder, build effective offers, and be able to optimize conversions for the most impact. 

      Session 5: Value Expansion Pack.

      Double your value and create everlasting relationships with the people you want to serve by nurturing and maintaining your customer. You will be able to understand and create value-based content strategies that bring lifelong results. Plus, I'll teach you how to build and launch your very first baby unicorn!

      BONUS: Tech stack, demystified 

      Most people don't realize how much technology and social platforms actually drag us down. Because there are so many options, each with dozens or hundreds of features, you can waste thousands of dollars in time and money trying to find the right fit. Avoid the pitfalls of tech fatigue and let 15 years of experience guide you to the right tech stack. 

      client reviews

      Working with Jennifer was easy and we got results immediately. - Frederick E. Hubler, Jr., Creative Capital Wealth Management Group